Tailored French Language Training

About Our Approach

Teaching Philosophy

We use the communicative teaching approach in our French classes, emphasizing relevant, everyday vocabulary and situations to maximize student’s reading, writing, and speaking abilities. Our extensive library of proprietary and external learning materials enables us to customize student programs to their best learning style.

Our adult core program is based on a progressive ten-level program that requires student success at each level. Optional activities such as luncheons and short afternoon social events help students put their learning into practice in relaxed environments.

Private and Group French Classes

Private classes can be scheduled to suit student availability. Our small group classes allow students to get the personal attention they require to practice and refine their skills, and are offered at all levels. Students can start private and group classes at any time.

Fast Forward French Outreach

Our resource materials, and many of our classes, are offered to low income families and those seeking employment at a reduced rate. We are committed to helping students who may otherwise not receive language assistance.

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