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We are not your typical tutoring centre. Our students enjoy learning French, get their homework done, and succeed in school. We provide a variety of children's learning programs, and are recognized leaders in children's tutoring. With over 20 years experience in providing children’s programs and various community awards, we are your best tutoring choice.

What We Offer

Tutoring (private or semi-private)

Children learn and succeed in our main program option, which is available throughout the school year and during summertime.

After School Drama Groups

This exciting program is excellent in helping children become more comfortable and fluent in speaking French.

Summer Camp

Held in late summer, our weekly camps are very interactive, with both academic and engaging group activities. They are very successful in helping students start their school year with confidence.

Effective Learning

Our programs are designed with board of education requirements in mind, and we use many of the same materials. We have also developed many supplementary learning tools that help engage and motivate students. These include verb games
and exercises, dramatizations and improvisation,
comprehension and reading games, and tips
to help remember grammar rules.

Our "have fun" philosophy is a key to our students’
success. We provide each student with the skills
and love of learning to enable them to succeed.
By combining structure with enthusiasm, we strive
to make learning fun and interactive. This helps
bring out the best efforts and results in our

Our students truly love coming to our classes,
and their parents often find that their children’s
success in French carries over to other subjects. We are very proud of the impact we have made in the lives of young immersion and core French learners, helping them build essential language skills, confidence, and a positive appreciation of French culture.

Meeting Individual Student Needs

Our programs are designed to help students of all abilities and levels to improve their French language skills. We assess students, discuss their learning styles with parents, and design programs to fit their needs. We believe in regular communication with parents regarding their children's progress. Our teachers meet briefly with parents before and after each class to discuss their children’s lesson objectives, progress, and other issues. We are also happy to work together with your child’s school teacher.

Our teachers are carefully selected and trained to bring out the best in children. Some teachers also have additional training to work with children with special needs (including dyslexia and ADD).

Contact Us

We have a variety of programs to suit your needs. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call us at 613-599-4226 or send us an email at info@fastforwardfrench.com.