Children's French Language Tutoring and Programs

French Children’s Tutoring

With over 25 years of experience and various community awards, Fast Forward French is a recognized leader in children’s French tutoring. Our unique educational philosophy maximizes students’ learning. Not only do students complete homework assignments and succeed in the classroom – they enjoy learning French!

As the largest French tutoring centre in Ottawa, we offer the following programs to suit your child’s needs.

French Tutoring & Camps

French Tutoring 

Our main tutoring program is offered weekday evenings (after 4pm). Whether students need homework help during the school year, or a refresher during the summer break, our programs offer the educational assistance they require year-round.

After School Groups

We offer four after school programs throughout the school year

In the Reach Ahead program, students in the same class level complete homework together in small groups with the assistance of their tutor.

The Drama program encourages students to become more comfortable speaking French in a day-to-day environment through skits, plays, improvisations, and games.

Books come alive in the Reading Club, where students read together and improve their French literacy skills via listening to and telling great stories.

In the French Culture Club, students immerse themselves in French culture through tasty traditional dishes, interactive songs and dance, and more.

French Summer Camp

Our fun 
French learning/activity based summer week long day camps help students help students regain their confidence in both written and oral French through group activities – just in time to start the school year!

Meeting Individual Student Needs

Our programs are specially designed to help students of all abilities and levels improve their French language skills. Our tutors assess each student and design an individualized program to fit the child’s needs. We maintain open communication with parents, including a daily verbal report, and can work with school teachers to provide an integrated learning plan.

Note: Some of our tutors have additional training to work with children with special needs, including dyslexia and ADD.

Effective Learning

Our dynamic learning programs closely follow Board of Education curriculum, and we incorporate many of their learning materials within our programs. Using games, drama, music, memory techniques, and awards, we make learning an enjoyable experience.

Find the right French classes for your child.